Who we are?





2 PMs / Business Analysts

2 Designers


  • CTO/Backend developer
  • 2 Backend
  • 2 Frontend
  • 2 Markup Developers

QA Specialist

SEO Specialist

Sales Manager-Translator

What we do?

We carry out a full-range of works of the development of online- shop of any complexity based on Magento.

We develop graphic and web- design, we enlarge the functionality of CMS by creating new modules, we also carry out the works of the optimization of the existing sites.

Our technologies

In the modern world, where there is a big variety of CMS (Content Management System), free and commercial ones to make the right choice of one of them is not an easy matter. Due to our experience and thorough study of the subject we have chosen 2 systems: Magento eCommerce and Wordpress. show more

Magento eCommerce

Every year Magento is gaining popularity in the world. This powerful CMS is an excellent choice for big online shops. Considerable functional boxed version can also be expanded by installing additional modules.

Important advantages of the system:
  • ability to create multiple websites on a single system
  • intuitively intelligible interface of the administration panel
  • ongoing maintenance and support from the developers
  • a set of tools for working with categories and products
  • tools to increase the average ticket
  • reporting
  • the ability to configure discounts and promotional codes
  • payment and shipping modules

This is just a small part of functionality, provided by Magento. The involvement of the team of professionals allows practically without any limit to enlarge the abilities of the system and to realize a variety of modules based on customer needs.


This CMS is best suited for the development of sites- business cards, websites selling services and simple online stores (up to 50 items).

Being created initially as an internet blog, Wordpress has undergone significant change and now makes possible the development of the entire information portals.

Features of the system:
  • Easy in administration.
  • For filling up of the content of the site there is no need to learn HTML.
  • Constant up-date of the system
  • A large number of professionals working with Wordpress, so you always have the opportunity to change and improve the site at any stage.
  • A good indexing of search engines
  • A large number of additional modules.

And of course, for customer projects we can work on Pure Php.

We closely follow the development of the technology, we monitor the use of different devices, and therefore recognize the importance of correct appearance both on PCs and laptops, as well as on tablets and mobile phones. In the business world it is impossible to underestimate the competition, so our task is to give to the user the possibility to order here and now. On this basis we develop a responsive web-design, to make the site as easy as possible for the users of any electronic devices.

In our work, we also use:
  • Zend frameworks and Yii
  • HTML5, CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • Magento
  • WP
  • Zend
  • Yii
  • PHP
  • My SQL
  • Responsive
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • JS
  • Bootstrap

Our experience


Software development

The standard functionality of any system, even of such powerful as Magento has its limitations. More over each online shop is a unique project, focused on its niche and target audience. That’s why each website has its specific needs, which are implemented individually. show more

Our team of the experienced developers is ready to solve the tasks of any complexity for expanding the abilities of the internet store according to the customer wishes.

Pop-up windows, galleries, filters, additional attributes of goods, delivery methods, you will get exactly the result that you need.

It is worth mentioning, that 2 ways are possible to implement the task. If changes are not significant, than the completion of the functionality is possible in the code of CMS itself. If we deal with the substantial extension of abilities, than a special module with a number of settings is developed, which is integrated in the system of the management of your site.

Our team has up to 10 years of the experience of development with PHP and up to 5 years of work with Wordpress and Magento.


Web design

Qualitative web design is as an important part of any internet project, as its technical component. show more

Redesign&Update of existing sites

  • Magento
  • WP
  • Pure PHP

The modern world is in constant motion, tendencies and fashion come and go. And even the most fresh and original ideas after some time loose their appeal. For such an important business tool as website or internet store it is very important to maintain the relevance not only informative but visual as well. Therefore very often the owners of the existing web- resources order redesign. show more

Redesign – is a full or partial change of the existing design of the site with the possibility of the further application to the existing system (CMS). Apart of the moral obsolescence of the visual design of the site, the reason for redesign might be the change of the company’s style, of the target audience, of the list of products and services and also the switch to the adaptive design. Taking into consideration the increasing popularity of the map- cases and smartphones, the adapting of the site to the various dimensions of monitors is a requested measure.

Redesign will improve the usability of the site based on the knowledge of our specialists and also on the statistic data of the web tools of searching systems, which will influence positively the indexation and website promotion.

We make the redesign of the websites based on CMS Magento, Wordpress and Pure PHP.


Graphic design

We provide the services of the development of corporate identity and also of creating of presentations, banners, interfaces and so on. Using individual approach to each client we create the unique design for your brand promotion and for your business development. show more

Corporate identity is a set of graphic and visual elements, which emphasize the individuality of the company. Well-developed style of the company is well remembered, has a positive effect on the reputation and inspires the trust to the customers.

Creating of the graphic image of the company is an important and responsible task. Besides the deep understanding of design, the knowledge of psychology, marketing, polygraphy is needed for that.

The development of corporate identity begins with creation of logotype. First of all it is necessary to study the field of the activity of the customer, of the main competitors and than to elaborate the idea, which will be embodied in a logotype.

To the elements of corporate identity belong: color spectrum, slogan, corporate font.

Corporate identity is used to produce business cards, letterheads, corporate folders and envelopes, clothing of the employees, promotional gifts.



Prototyping – is the first and crucial step in the development of any web resource. We firmly believe that the use of prototypes allows you to create really high quality user interfaces. show more

With the rapid development of the technology, modern websites contain many dynamic elements. It is almost impossible to display the response of the future site to this or that action by means of static images. That is why at the beginning of work on the site we are developing a prototype. This allows the customer to evaluate the functionality of the future resource, to understand the layout, to see the basis of design and deal with what will happen as a result of any action (pressing the button, a drop-down list, menu, etc.)

Another important feature of the prototype is the speed of execution. To change the prototype is at times easier and faster than to redraw the design. And it means that the speed of the project implementation will be increased.

At the stage of prototyping the structure of the site is discussed and worked out. It is important to distribute information, divide into categories that are understandable to the user, to determine the navigation. And thus it is necessary to focus on the potential site visitor. Here the knowledge in the field of usability becomes very helpful. Do not forget that the goal of any commercial site is to sell the goods or services. For the user the technology and other technical issues are not important, it is important for him the convenience and simplicity.

If he can easily find the necessary information, if contacts are visible and order form is simple and clear, it guarantees 70% of the success.



We use the system of Continuous Integration for testing of a stable operation of the entire system after each update. Thereby the major part of errors is corrected as the development of the project.

Software deployment

Before the website becomes accessible it has to be hosted on server. This process envisages a number of works necessary to configure the web- server, installation of Git and deployment of the system.

Optimization&Code review

Optimization of the website is a full cycle of works designed to ensure that the site is stable and fast. The importance of this procedure cannot be underestimated. Each extra fraction of a second spent on the download of the page may result in a loss of a potential buyer. show more

Techniques used for optimization of the site:
  • Varnish is a tool for caching of web pages on the web server level. Thanks to Varnish the site does not need to access to the web server every time, it will get the generated pages from the cache. Usage of caching can significantly increase the download speed of the site and to reduce the load on the server dozens of times.
  • AJAX is a technology, that allows to perform actions: to delete and to add items to your shopping cart, in wishlist, to the comparison list, to download a list of products and so on without reloading of the page. The usage of this technology is especially useful for mobile devices.
  • Sprites are the sets of images, arranged in one image file. Thanks to CSS sprites don't have to access to the web server every time, because the whole set of images is loaded at a time. This increases the speed of operation and reduces the overall weight of the graphics on the site.
  • Lazy load is retrieving of only of those images that fall within the scope of the screen. Thus also reduces the load on the server.

These and many other tools will optimize the performance of your online store and increase the speed of loading of the pages.